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Stream Measurement

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Stream Measurement

Lancashire, OL4 3DZ
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Stream Unipulse UP200M Flowmeter

Exceptional for liquid batching and continuous process monitoring – suitable for hazardous area installation.

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Sensus MeiStream Plus 50

The perfect Flow Sensor for water temperatures up to 90C. Can be used with Sensus Pollutherm heat calculator.

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Itron Delta QD Compact RPD Gas Meter

A compact Gas Meter for gas, air or oxygen. Suitable for very low flows and an ideal alternative to Diaphragm meters.

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Acme Inc Example Product #1

The perfect Flow Sensor for water temperatures up to 90C. Can be used with Sensus Pollutherm heat calculator.

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We offer a variety of our own specialist products, as well as a range of carefully chosen additions through our exclusive partnerships.

Abstraction & Waste

Whether abstracting water from a borehole, or monitoring the volume of storm water; an effective abstraction meter is essential.

Batch Control

We stock a range of instruments for batch control and tanker loading from manufacturers like ABB, Neptune, Itron and more.


As one of the UK’s leading supplier of metering to Utility companies, we offer a range of solutions for exceptional performance.

Energy & Renewables

Covering applications from Gas to Heat, Oil to Steam, and both Hot and Cold Water, we have a metering solution for every scenario.

Meter Calibration

We have both the equipment and the ability to provide the perfect range of flow meter calibration services, anywhere in the UK.

What We Offer

We offer all the flow meter expertise that eighty years of heritage in the industry can bring. We truly understand our market, and we’ve seen just about every possible application before! We make sure you have the right fit, the right product and the right advice every time.
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About Stream Measurement

With a winning combination of technical expertise and application knowledge, Stream are your ideal meter supply and support partner – ensuring you get the right solution first time, every time – simplifying installation and safeguarding life costs.

At our Oldham, UK factory, we manufacture the highly-regarded Unipulse Positive Displacement Flowmeter and the long established Shoflo Flow Indicator.

Complementing our own products, we’ve contracted with a number of the world’s leading meter providers including Itron, SensusABB and Fluidwell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flow meter?

A flowmeter (or flow meter / flow indicator / flow gauge depending on industry) is simply defined as a device used to measure the speed at which a gas or liquid is moving through a pipe.

This definition is deceptively simple, as the method with which that flow is measured varies greatly from application to application. Nevertheless, the definition is always applicable.

The basis ethos that we follow today is based on the statement from Lord Kelvin (1824 -1907) who stated ‘what you can measure you can manage’.

If we don’t measure accurately then how can we possible expect to manage accurately. To achieve this the flow meter becomes the most important element in any measuring, monitoring or batching system.

How do flowmeters work?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a ‘universal’ flow meter.! Every application needs to be assessed to understand which metering technology will be best

There are essentially two measuring techniques for flow:

Volumetric Only offered through positive displacement meters measure the actual volume of fluid. As volumetric flowmeters are not affected by turbulent flow there is no need for straight pipe lengths or conditioners. Best technology for low flow rates.

Only Positive Displacement flowmeters offer Volumetric measurement technology where the measurement is inferred via a mechanism that measures velocity. For this technique, laminar flow is required upstream & down stream of the flowmeter which can be achieved with straight pipe length.

Velocity Technologies Include:

  • Turbine (Helical Vane, Single Jet, Multijet)
  • Electromagnetic (Mag)
  • Ultrasonic

Which areas do you cover?

We provide equipment, calibration and repair services to clients all across the UK. In the vast majority of cases, we can come to you to assess your requirements and recommend the ‘best fit’ solution.

Do you provide support services?

Absolutely! We cater to all markets, and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure quality testing, to both fiscal and secondary standards, with test fluids, including air, water and oil.

On site, we don’t just verify your installation electronically, we actually provide a true ‘wet test’ service – the only way to gain a full understanding of the meter’s performance.

How can we contact you?

You can quickly contact the team on our contact us page, or you can find our addresses for postal correspondence below:

Factory & National Calibration Facility

Elder Road, St Johns Industrial Estate, Lees, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 3DZ. England

Sales Office

Studio1, South Molton, Devon. EX36 3HA. England

Our Clients

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Why Choose Us?



True expertise hard-won over 80 years of product heritage.



Our products are supplied pre-configured prior to shipment.



Huge range, complimented by calibration and support.

The Highest Level of Expertise & Customer Support

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